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look what i made without your heart getting in the way

happy ghosts
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secret heart, what are you made of,
what are you so afraid of?

We like to stay up late with coffee and cigarettes. We are shamelessly self-involved and we wear our hair elegantly disheveled. This community is a random discussion forum that requires the submission of an application. Your admittance will be based largely on personality and style-- plus a little on looks.



o1. 15+
o2. Use an lj-cut or perish.
o3. In the subject line of your app, put the name of your favorite song.
o4. Respect moderators and members.
o5. Don't preach if you get a couple rejections, take rejection with some dignity.
o6. Do not delete your application. (example)
o7. Only after you have been accepted (when you have 10 loves) may you post or comment on other entries.
o8. Do not use rich text mode when posting your application.
o9. You NEED to do this: tag your entry as 'application' if you don't know how, go find out. If the entry's not tagged, i'm not going to be happy (think about what that implies).
1o. Leave your entries as 'friends only'.
// Notification of your acceptance/rejection will be given after ten+ votes or a period of one week.
Accept yourselves after 5 "loves"; comment here to add yourself to the members page.

o1. Participate.
o2. When voting, put "Love" or "Leave" in the subject line.
o3. Always give a reason for your vote.
o4. Leave your entries as 'friends only'.
o5. If your images don't fit correctly in the white table (i.e., it screws up the page), learn to fix it.

o1.) Name:
o2.) Age:
o3.) Location:
o4.) Status:
o5.) Sexual Orientation:
o6.) Spoken Languages:
o7.) 5+ sentences about you:
o8.) 4+ favorite musicians:
o9.) 3+ favorite movies:
1o.) 2+ favorite books:
11.) 2+ favorite websites:
12.) 1+ favorite artists/graphic designers:
13.) Show us your favourite article of clothing:
14.) Show us some brain power; don't think, just write:
15.) Promote in two(2) places and show us the links:
16.) 4+ pictures:

(Pictures should be at least one full body, a picture of your entire face and whatever else you want to include.)

17.) One photo for the members page:

Simply copy and paste.
Do not use rich text mode.

CREATOR: elektriciteit


electrickfusion + hellomonkman + jeffs_office + johnnynameless + miss_watson

click here for accept/reject banners, etc

KILLERHOPE.COM!- candie chan:portfolio
accidntl- layouts and stuff

if you want to be affiliates/comm-friends, just leave a message here and we will get back to you asap. there are no restrictions to what kind of community you are, so long as you are active.